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The NFL has some of the greatest football teams in from all over the country. The fifty years of the Super Bowl history has attracted some of the biggest crowds with incredible performances from small and large teams alike. College football has over the years drawn some tightly contested games and great talents across the sporting landscape.

Here is a list of the most memorable games in the NFL history.

  1. Super Bowl LI

The 2017 game was played at the NRG Stadium in Houston and was the first one in Super Bowl history to end in extra time. The New England Patriots lagged in the first three quarters with a 25 points difference. The Patriots, however, came back to beat Atlantic Falcons 34-28.

  1. Super Bowl XLIII

The game 2008 was played between Arizona Cardinal and Pittsburg Steelers to decide the NFL champions. The Steelers beat Cardinals 27-23 making them the first NFL team to win six Super Bowl championships.

  1. 1958 NFL Championship

The 1958 game at Yankees Stadium ended in a 23-17 Baltimore Colts beating the New York Giants. The game was one of the toughest in Super Bowl history. The championship has been referred to as ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’ and is credited for popularizing the game in the United States.

  1. 1967 NFL Playoffs

The 1967 game was played on year’s eve ending in a 21-17 with the Green Bay Packers beating Dallas Cowboys. The game was the first the NFL used a four-team playoff tournament.

  1. Super Bowl XIII

The Pittsburg Steelers beat Dallas Cowboys in a 35-31 win. The game was  at the Orange Bowl Miami Stadium, the last time for the Super Bowl in that Stadium.

  1. Super Bowl XLV

The game between ended in a 31-25 Green Bay Packers beating Pittsburg Steelers. The game is popularly known as the ‘Leader of The Packs’ and was the first time the Super Bowl was played in Dallas Fort Worth.

  1. Super Bowl XXXIV

Popularly known as ‘The Longest Yard,’ the January 2000 game ended in a 23-16 win for ST. Louis Rams against the Tennessee Titans.

  1. Super Bowl XLIV

The University of Phoenix stadium game in Glendale Arizona ended in a 28-24 win for the New England Patriots against Seattle Seahawks.

  1. Super Bowl XXXVIII

The game ended in the New England Patriots beating the Carolina Panthers 32-29, in the first-ever Super Bowl for the Carolina Panthers.

  1. Super Bowl XXXVI

Popularly known as a ‘Dynasty Born’ the first Super Bowl for the New England Patriots ended in 20-17 in favor of the Patriots.

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