About this blog

Todd Miller is a writer on espnallamerica.com football blog. He writes about strategy analyses, historical changes in the sport, cultural trends in the football games and person biographies of footballers. He has been a sports correspondent since 1994. His stories have been included in the excellent American stories Anthology five times. He has also been a finalist for inclusion in the football Hall of Fame writers’ category.

The blog is about the NFL and the American football in general. Espanallamerica.com categorizes football into the high school level, college level and professional football and how different factors in play affect the great sport. The blog also features health and fitness, sportswear and sponsored training routines for training enthusiasts.
Miller tries to write football for people who do not like football. He has studied every move of every NFL franchise since the beginning. He makes a point to simplify every blog post easier for the average reader. He has near perfect mastery of the NFL rules. His brain reads like the latest version of the NFL, and his sense of humor is out of this world.

When he’s not writing about football, he spends his time between his football field-themed house going through the library of past football matches and his local college analyzing athletes for possible future NFL prospects. Todd Miller also enjoys traveling to different football Halls of Fame across the country. He recently visited the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix metropolitan area. You can read about it in the latest blog post.
He goes everywhere with his dog Ryan, named after Brown’s Quarterback Frank Ryan.

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