Five Minutes of Fame. Nick Foles

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Nick Foles shocked football fans when he became the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in December when Carson Wentz tore his ACL. It is from that moment that he looked like he should have been the starter for the Philadelphia Eagles right from the beginning of the season. He came up with one of the best postseasons by a quarterback the NFL has ever witnessed. Frankly speaking, his career looks like five minutes of fame.

That seems not to be happening anymore. Foles has not been meeting expectations this far, and the head coach Dough Pederson has grown impatient.

“I am done. I have seen enough,“ he retorted.

The Interceptions

The Eagles played the Cleveland Browns in their third preseason game. Foles, who played in the first half of the game completing 13 of 17 passes for about 127 yards. These numbers are not as bad, but that is not what triggered the head coach. Doug Pederson was not impressed by the two interceptions that Foles threw. One of the interceptions came from inside the five, and he had a fumble. Perderson said that it was disappointing because he had been calm before the game started and he thought that he would be settled in the game.


Foles had also struggled in the game against the Patriots the week before. He only completed three of the nine pass attempts for 44 yards. Wentz, who is yet to return to the game made it possible for Foles to be put at the center for the season opener against the Atlanta Falcons. Pederson is still waiting for Wentz’ knee to heal up completely.

Months ago, Foles was riding high in the Super Bowl, but now it seems like his head coach wants to put him off the field.

The shift from throwing 27 touchdowns and two interceptions in a year to being traded and finally benched in subsequent seasons is quite baffling.  It is still puzzling how a Super Bowl MVP could lose their confidence.

High Expectations

Everything seems to have changed for him because people have seemingly high hopes for him. Foles seemed to have given the impression of perfection in the Super Bowl. That is the reason why it is many football fans have imagined that he has to measure up to some standard every time he throws a pass. This summer, Foles seems to have shattered those imaginations by showing us that those standards are impossible to live up to.

Non – Linear Career

Foles’ career has been wildly unpredictable. One of his worst games was when he played against the Cowboys in 2013. He made 11 for 29 passes for 80 yards in a 17 – 3 loss.

In the close of the year, he made 4 for 11 for 39 yards in a game which the Eagles lost 6 – 0. In his next match, he gave one of the greatest postseason’s runs ever. It always seems like his worst plays are followed by incredibly great moments in the next games.

When playing football, you are always going to be analyzed. Your every move will be subjected to analysis, and you will be expected to exhibit perfection. Players are not perfect, and there will never be perfect games. It is through learning from those bad experiences, that you can improve and not be hard on yourself. Once you are too hard on yourself, you are more likely to crumble.

To sum it up, Foles has started and finished games in an Eagles uniform with good wins and equally bad losses. If he can get around the challenge of his inconsistencies, he will begin to figure out how his wonderful and historical seven careers can attain some sense of predictability. His being named a Super Bowl MVP wasn’t out of nowhere. It is through being able to rationalize his experiences as an athlete.




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