Fun Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree 2022

According to ZipRecruiter, DJs make an average salary of $58,370 a year with the top earners getting paid more than $134,000 a year, which makes this one of the best fun jobs that pay well without a degree.

what makes a job enjoyable?

Top Fun Jobs That Pay Well (Without a Degree)

What makes a job enjoyable? That answer could be different for everyone. But, there are many constants. Usually, working with great people or having a friendly and supportive boss helps a lot. A fun environment and doing something that you love will also be on your wish list.

Too many people feel as though they have to be stuck in a job they hate because they don’t have a degree. That’s not necessarily true! There are many enjoyable jobs with a good salary that don’t need a college education.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you’re starting out after high school, you might want to find easy jobs to get into that pay well without experience. If you’ve worked in a specific industry for years, you might think it’s time for a career change when you’re over 30. There are jobs out there that are perfect for people without degrees if you know where to look.

Fun jobs that don’t feel like work aren’t just a dream. If you think outside the box when it comes to changing jobs, one of the careers on this top 10 list could be perfect for you.

Some jobs are fun on their own. Others promote a positive attitude, which can make them exciting and enjoyable all the time. Are you unhappy with your current job? Or, are you looking for something that can bring you joy without experience? Keep reading for some of the best career opportunities.

Fun jobs that pay well without a degree in 2022

According to the latest data, approximately 56% of Americans aged between 24 to 64 do not have a college degree. That begs the question – are there any fun jobs they can do without a degree and still enjoy good wages? Below we highlight the best jobs that pay well without the need of getting a college degree.

Chocolate manufacturing companies hire experienced chocolate lovers who can differentiate between different flavors and tastes. Their roles include inspecting candies for appropriate sheen or cracks in the chocolate ganache coastings.

Chocolate tasters also sniff on the chocolates to make aroma notes and also get to savor the taste and creaminess of various chocolate brands before they are released into the market.

Swagbucks – Fun Jobs for teens

Many proofreaders work part-time hours and end up making a full-time income. Take a look at this free online video workshop, that you can take as an introduction to proofreading, to help you get started and gain experience in the field.

Read our interview with Angela, a freelance who earn $4,000 a month as an illustrator. She illustrates beautiful invites, couple portraits, greeting cards and even e-book covers for small business owners.

Personal Grocery Shopper (Instacart)

With as low as $20-$50, you can purchase items at the flea market or thrift store, possibly resell it for about $100-$300 on a platform like eBay, take some of the profit, and repeat the entire process again.

Flea Market Flipper’s, Rob, has made over $130,000 by simply flipping items from yard sales, flea market, and thrift shops part-time. He offers free webinars on how to navigate the flea market flipping venture. Click here to sign up for the webinar.

Makeup artist

Primary duties: Makeup artists work in a wide range of industries, doing freelance work or working on-staff for entertainment companies or salons. They use cosmetic practices to change a performers’ appearance for specific needs. They may also work in beauty salons and production sets for television shows or movie production. Makeup artists take lighting, color, hair color and any circumstantial scenery into account when helping their clients achieve a specific look.

Although makeup artists do not need a college degree to enter the industry, they require specialized training to learn design principles. On-the-job training can help makeup artists enter a company as an employee, or perform freelance work. Makeup artistry allows for personal expression, so those who love making art may find satisfaction in the profession.


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