Games, Sports and Activities. What is the difference?

Games, Sports and Activities. What is the difference?


Sports are human activities which involve physical skills exertion and are normally governed by a set of regulations or customs. Sports are undertaken competitively so that a participant is capable of achieving a certain objective. However, there are also some different kinds of activity which fall into this category, for example, dancing, fishing, cheerleading, equestrian sport, golf, motorsport along with other forms of sport. Thus, there can be difficulties in distinguishing them.

It is essential to note that things like cheerleading can be included into the sports section if the competition is employed. For activities like fishing and dancing, people use them to pass time and not as sport. Sometimes, however, structured competitions on dancing and fishing can be organized, thus turning these activities into sports. As for the motorsport and equestrian sport, physical exertion normally takes place, however, it is done not but the riders but by horses as well as the cars, which are normally performing the tasks. However, there are a lot of skills involved, what thus requires human effort. There exist some debatable activities and the borderline on whether they are sports or not is difficult to be drawn, but once such an activity feature competitions under a set of rules, then these activities are considered as sport.
A game is a structured form of play conducted for amusement, enjoyment and sometimes utilized as an educational tool. They key components that are involved in games are the rules, interaction and challenges. They usually involve mental engagement as well as physical stimulation. They play a major role in developing skills and are sometimes used as a form of exercise or otherwise for educational, psychological or simulation role.
Games have been an integral part of numerous cultures over the years. They are normally utilized to facilitate learning as well as boost children development. Games are mainly considered to be an educational tool whereby children are taught how to grasp certain skills, reach goals or overcome obstacles. The adults benefit from playing games as well, because doing so helps in relieving and unwinding after work or other obligations. Furthermore, games play a role in maintaining social connections with other individuals. Although being normally considered as leisure activities, some games are normally taken by people as professional occupations.
A spectacle represents an event that is memorable due to the appearance associated with it. It usually addresses unexpected or unusual events that attract one’s attention, interests or sometimes disapproval. It basically describes the appearances that are considered to be enticing, distracting, deceptive as well as superficial at once.
Spectacles are events that are memorable and are well coordinated to give unrivalled entertainment experience. This is common in films, theatres and even in nature. A spectacular experience can involve the breathtaking multimillion wildebeest migration that occurs every year. Spectacles are usually consumed by the subject and cannot be involved in the activities that can make it a success. In theaters or films spectacles normally result from specially prepared and arranged display in order to achieve a breath taking experience.
Activities involve specific deeds that actively engage the body. It usually involves the use of force and energy to achieve active movement for the sake of obtaining enjoyment or amusement, for instance, skiing, biking among other things.
Activities are tasks that are normally done during leisure time, they generally involves physical work, like zip lining, hiking, knitting, kayaking bowling etc. Generally, an individual can sign up into a recreational center where he or she can participate in any of these activities at his or her leisure time. There is no competition involved when performing these activities and the participant do it just for the pleasure coming from doing them. Activities are utilized as a tool of unwinding after a long day at work, too.
The difference between activities and sports generally arises when there is competition involved. In football, soccer or e-sport competitions are normally involved and thus they can be considered as sports, but once individuals go fishing, cheerleading or snowboarding, there is no competition presupposed, but the process is carried out along with stringent rules.

The classification of the terms
1. Football
2. Soccer
3. Pro Wrestling
4. E-Sports

1. Snowboarding
2. Fishing
3. Mixed martial Arts
4. Cheerleading
5. Golf

1. Texas Holdem
2. Stock Car Racing
My classification places football, soccer, pro wrestling and E-sports in the sports section because, as indicated earlier, sports generally involve rules and are normally undertaken as competitions. One cannot claim to play soccer if he or she does not adhere to the rules or you cannot be involved in pro wrestling if you cannot follow the rules that govern the process .
Snowboarding, fishing Martial Arts, Cheerleading and golf are classified as activities because they are tasks that individuals execute mostly during their leisure time or for unwinding. However it is important to note that some of these activities can be considered as sports once they are organized as a competition and have rules governing how they are carried out.
Texas Holdem is considered as a game because it is a game of poker employing two “hold” cards, therefore one can learn and acquire skills on how to play poker.
Stock car racing is considered as a spectacle because it is not an event that occurs regularly and involves fast moving cars with a lot of action. However, it can be considered as a sport if rules and regulations are introduced. The competition involved mainly evaluates the skills of the competitor how well he or she can handle driving at high speeds and challenging turns.
The differences between sports and activities usually depend on whether the activity being conducted is structured as a competition or not. Games are considered as learning and as well entertaining tools for the players. Today, there are numerous forms of entertainments ranging from watching movies to placing computer games, and they can be classified into various groups depending on the situations they take place in.

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