Sports and Happy Life


It is often said that children in their formative years require play as a means of physical and intellectual development. This statement is often used to show how play is a great tool to improve the lives of the children. However, in adult life, play is important too. Most adults should engage in sporting activities to have a more fulfilling and happy life. Most of the time that individuals go to hospitals for check up, the level of physical activity is checked. Those that are often found to be dormant are advised to partake in some form of activity mostly sports like activity. There are also positive effects of sports on youth.  According to the doctors or nurses, the sporting activity is likely to improve the level of physical fitness which might just alleviate the problem a person has. Whether it is mental or physical, the advice to partake in sport is almost inevitable. The idea behind this inevitability is that the practitioner knows that it has been often proved that sporting and physical activity reduces predisposing factors to ailments.

In everyday life, there are many things that frustrate human beings. It could be a job that is too hectic, or a colleague that is nagging and overreaching in personality. In some circumstances, individuals are unable to get rid of these problems since it is a prescribed routine like a job. Engaging in sporting activity after such daylong experiences can be rewarding. First it rejuvenates the body by increasing the rate of physical activity. Through this the body becomes physically fit and thus an individual’s health is improved. Secondly, the mind is also refreshed. As a person undertakes a sporting activity of their choice, the fun of it and the enjoyment that it comes with takes the initial stress away. Such persons are likely to laugh or avoid frowning as it was the case during the office or job hours. The stress and strain that is evident on their face is taken off and such person is able to be cheerful again. In simple explanation, sports act as a stress removal tool to many persons.

There are also other advantages that come with active participation in sports. These include the ability to improve an individual’s endurance, build up self-esteem especially when it is a team sport and improve relations with other people. People who participate in the same sport are more likely to relate well due to the team spirit and relation. Such individuals are likely to benefit each other socially and emotionally for a better life. This is not to mention the money that it might generate. Therefore, whether one wants to avoid ailments, reduce stress, improve interpersonal relations and be happy, sports is the answer. One can have a fulfilling happy life free from ailments and stress through engaging in sports just as the established athletes have.

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