Who’s the Most Valuable Baseball Player in 2017-18?

Who's the Most Valuable Baseball Player in 2017-18?

Statistically and as it currently stands out in the National League list, the most valuable player in baseball is Mike Trout. The possibility of him being the most valuable player in 2017 is high and supported by the fact that he has been voted in that position twice in the past three years: in 2014 and in 2016. When compared to legends like Ken Griffey Jr., a good player during his years, his statistics bypass him as shown in the table below.

Home Runs154164
On-base percentage.378.403
Slugging percentage.536.558
Stolen Bases80134

He has attributed several qualities including:

  1. Becoming more aggressive on first pitches. He has increased his hits from 7 in 2014, 5 in 2015 to 16 in 2016. As he improves, so will his value putting him in pole position come 2017
  2. His rigorous training. Apart from general setbacks from injuries, he worked in his training. This has improved his agility and upped his game work.
  3. Hitting more balls in the opposite balls in a better way. For 2015 he did 35 hits averaging .318 and has 34 hits so far this season averaging .442 compared to 13 in 2014. This shows his improvement with time which is going to significantly add his value in 2017.
  4. Being the best low-ball hitter in baseball. This has helped him built on his general batting performance as it reflects back on his general output.
  5. Closing the hole in his high pitch swings averaging .290 or 20 for 69. These statistics are almost unmatched.
  6. His improvement in throwing which has seen him increase his assists to seven for each of the last two seasons compared to seven since his debut before that.
  7. Remaining the best baseball runner who has seen him average Ian Kinsler of the Tigers in many times scoring from second on a single. Notably with 21 steals in 25 attempts.

As of Tuesday, August 30th, 2016, Trout holds the leading position in the league in the Wins above Replacement category. He leads too in on-base percentage, walks, times on base and OPS+. Currently, he is second in OPS. Being third in runs and fourth in stolen bases also increase his chances of his value increasing.  On August 31st, 2016, Trout made history in baseball by finishing five seasons with 25 homers and 100 runs through his age-24 season.

His life career statistics are expressed in the table in the image below.

Who's the Most Valuable Baseball Player in 2017-18?

His contracts details are, in yearly basis, are as follows:

Year:      2015      2016                    2017       2018      2019        2020

Amount:  $5.2M    $15.2M    $19.2M        $33.2M    $33.2M    $33.2M

They indicate how his value with time increases. They are bound to change with time. As long as his club has his backing, it will keep on appreciating based on the fact that his club has faith in his abilities. Also, with his age, it gives him an advantage over his older peers such as Josh Donaldson and Miguel Cabrera who are more than 5 years older than him. This means that he has more time to improve significantly. His involvement in the World Series level and possibilities of further involvement in the future also gives him the edge for prosperity and possible increase in value.


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